In the Windy City

My phone rings and Jacob says... "I need your help to pull this off, I want you to photograph me proposing to Melanie." As I listen to all the details he's giving me, my brain starts to devise a plan. Jacob loves the idea and we set things in motion. I was to "play" a photographer whom the restaurant hired and just taking candid shots of the guests. It was on a Thursday, I caught a flight to Chicago, met up with Melanie's best friend to get everything together. The couple had a full day planned where they ended at Nellcote, which was where they had their first date. Oh, it was also the day of their 1 year anniversary! So I begin to act out my role and as I did this, I let the guests know what was getting ready to take place and the crowd grew with anticipation for the big moment! Here we go, this was it! I received the signal that he was ready. I got into place and the rest was...magical!

Looking forward to documenting their wedding in July.