CAP Year In Review: Most Liked Images In 2017

What can I say about 2017? It was a year of learning, networking, meeting some really great sistogs (sister photographers) lol, new adventures, stepping out of my comfort zone, capturing couples exchanging vows, growing families, sweet newborns, traveling, being featured on a few social sites, an album cover and even got my first image published in print! Never did I imagine some of these happening but I'm sure happy they did. God is so amazing and he keeps exceeding my expectations. Its been a fun ride! I've learned that consistency is key and being true to what I do is even more important. I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for me. Here is a look at the top 15 images that were liked the most in descending order! 

Full Circle

Life brings us through so many ups and downs. It's those unexpected moments that throws us for a loop and tests our strengths. In July of 2016 a loved one was lost and a year later to the date baby Leah was born. 

It was such a privilege to document their birth story. While waiting, hearing funny stories from family members and what this new life means to them, seeing the transformation of a man becoming a father and protector of his newborn child and witnessing a mother scared and nervous finding the strength she needed to bring her child into this world with such determination was inspiring.

Here is what mom had to say: 

"Im glad that you were able to capture these once in a lifetime moments! I would never have been able to see the reactions from that point of view and I am grateful to have them captured to be able to share with Leah once she is older." 


In the Windy City

My phone rings and Jacob says... "I need your help to pull this off, I want you to photograph me proposing to Melanie." As I listen to all the details he's giving me, my brain starts to devise a plan. Jacob loves the idea and we set things in motion. I was to "play" a photographer whom the restaurant hired and just taking candid shots of the guests. It was on a Thursday, I caught a flight to Chicago, met up with Melanie's best friend to get everything together. The couple had a full day planned where they ended at Nellcote, which was where they had their first date. Oh, it was also the day of their 1 year anniversary! So I begin to act out my role and as I did this, I let the guests know what was getting ready to take place and the crowd grew with anticipation for the big moment! Here we go, this was it! I received the signal that he was ready. I got into place and the rest was...magical!

Looking forward to documenting their wedding in July.